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Preparing for Wage Theft Laws: Key Actions to Take From July 1

20th June 2024


This webinar will cover :

  • What your current obligations are
  • What you should be doing already in preparation for these changes
  • The penalties for new wage theft offences

Key takeaways

  • Consider whether your governance and systems are sufficient to monitor, detect and fix pay discrepancies.
  • Understand the changes coming into effect for FY25.
  • Discover how to be proactive and ready for compliance challenges.


Daintree Peters
Head of Partnerships
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Cassie Burfoot
Director - Employment & Workplace
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Head of Partnerships
Daintree Peters is the Head of Partnerships at PaidRight, custodian of our ever-growing partner network. With a long background in the tech industry, Daintree brings a wealth of process, people and product experience to the task of fostering an ecosystem that can help client's reduce risk, overcome issues, and thrive.
Director - Employment & Workplace
Cassie is a specialist employment lawyer with extensive experience in advising clients on all aspects of the employment relationship. She has a particular interest in advising employers on employee entitlements and ensuring that their payroll practices are compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009 and other applicable industrial instruments.