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Paidright’s payprecision

Identify and fix payroll errors before they happen

With less than 72 hours to get pay out and thousands of employees to pay, errors can easily slip through the cracks. PayPrecision helps you catch these errors so you can pay your people correctly every time.

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In wages reviewed



Employees reviewed



Pay models built

Don’t let compliance slip through the cracks. Get pay right, every time.

PayPrecision seamlessly integrates with your payroll and time and attendance systems, identifying errors in pay before pay goes out.

API Integration

A fully automated platform, connected with your systems.

Award Interpretation

Configured with your business’ defendable interpretation.

Identify errors and gaps in your timesheets instantly

Delegate with the workflow tool to instantly identify and fix gaps and outliers in your time and attendance data so you don’t spend half a day cleaning, reviewing, and updating timesheets.

Advanced compliance checks before pay goes out

Ditch the exception tests and spreadsheets! PayPrecision recalculates entitlements for every shift against the relevant industrial agreements so you can quickly update the source systems before you send payroll out.

Get pay right, every time, with confidence

Track all issues that are identified and fixed so you have an audit trail of what happened. Then easily send a summary email to senior management for approval and proof you are doing everything possible to be compliant.

Enhance your payroll compliance reporting

Create custom reporting and dashboards whenever you need within the system. Optimise your payroll and workforce to drive informed data-driven decisions.

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doesn’t my time and attendance system do this?

Errors occur even with the best time and attendance systems

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PayPrecision automatically reviews your roster and timesheet data

Data is pulled from your time and attendance system and any errors or gaps are surfaced in minutes.


Delegate and fix any errors in your records

Using the workflow tool, assign tasks to managers to fix errors or gaps in your timesheets before going to a trial pay-run.


Replace your trial pay exception testing

Review both time and attendance and trial pay to identify any errors with entitlements including: rates, overtime triggers and variance between the two systems.


Approvals and send pay out

Send a summary email of all changes to management for sign off and send pay out to all of employees knowing it’s compliant.

Transform the way you work

The goal is to enhance how you do your compliance checks, highlighting errors in your payroll before pay goes out, so you can avoid missing them and costly remediations.

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Have more questions about PayPrecision?

Doesn’t my time and attendance system already do this? 

Depending on what system you use, many systems are designed and run by international companies and can’t handle the complex clauses in Australia’s awards and enterprise agreements. These time and attendance systems are not designed to catch errors when being used, which has led to large wage underpayments across every major industry in Australia.  Even with the best time attendance system in place your payroll team still needs to check and review each pay - PayPrecision makes that process comprehensive and easy. 

How long does it take to implement? 

Our implementation phase takes no more than three months to be completely operational. During this time we will build the integrations into your systems, configure your agreements and train your team on how to use the system. We also deliver value from week one by providing you with three retrospective reviews during implementation. 

How fast does the platform review our data?

Once operational the system will review your entire payroll in 5 minutes. The use of over 1,800 automated checks make this process extremely fast and accurate. 

What’s the pricing model? 

The pricing model is set-up as an annual subscription to the system. There is an implementation fee that is also charged as a one off payment to get you operational on the system.

Who decides how the interpretation is configured in the system? 

We will be guided by you and your legal team on how you want the agreements configured in the system. Our implementation team will work closely with you to ensure the configuration is aligned with your business’ defendable interpretation. If you decide you would like to change your interpretation this can be done at any time in minutes. 

What type of reporting does the platform produce?

There are over 350 data tables that the system produces based on the comprehensive compliance checks that are pre-built. During implementation our team works with you to surface the types of reports that you need. 

Do you integrate with my systems?

During implementation we will build the integrations to your systems. During this time we ask you to manually upload your payroll data for the first three months so you gain value from the very beginning and we can understand what your data looks like. 

Do I have to integrate? 

No you don’t. If integrations are not possible you can manually download standard reports from your systems and upload them into the platform. This will require more time from your team so we recommend integrations - however both still work. 

Preparing for Wage Theft Laws: Key Actions to Take From July 1.
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