Wage Remediation

PaidRight’s wage remediation solution enables Australian businesses to complete complex six year wage remediation projects in six weeks.


Complex wage remediation experts

Our advanced technology platform, trusted by leading companies, has been purpose built to deal with complex wage remediation projects. Tested and proven on the most complex remediation projects in Australia, it ensures ease of use and self-service capability, working within your business processes for optimal efficiency.

15+ Billion

wages reviewed

500+ Thousand

Employees reviewed


Custom pay models

Remediate six years in six weeks

PaidRight’s compliance system runs as an independent, parallel review to your core pay systems. The platform ingests historical payroll data, recalculates entitlements, calculates variance and provides a variance summary so you can make back-payments to those that have been underpaid.

Our tailored approach to wage remediation projects; PaidRight offers a unique strategy that swiftly delivers initial results, allowing businesses to prioritise what's crucial and focus on issues that actually have impact on the variance total.

Our approach is to be realistic, we focus on the material issues impacting your remediation costs and don’t get stuck on insignificant details.
We rapidly get you an initial outcome in under a week so you know from the get go what this could mean for your business.
Thanks to our automated approach, projects are completed efficiently without the lengthy timelines often associated with traditional methods, saving valuable resources along the way.
Our team has and continues to work on some of the most complex remediation projects with businesses ranging from 50 to 100,000 employees.

Remediation done better

Rapidly get to initial result

Using the advanced PaidRight platform you get an initial result in under a week, so we can prioritise working through the important issues rather than immaterial ones. Starting with a default interpretation you get to an initial result quickly, you can then make changes to your interpretation so you can understand the impact of those interpretation decisions.

Investigate issues that matter

Issue investigation is the most important phase of remediation and its length is driven by you. Issue investigation involves refining the model by making adjustments or applying treatments to inputs with help from out expert team, until you’re comfortable to make a payment.

Complete your remediation faster

Using PaidRight's standard payment file provided to you at the end of the remediation, make payments to all impacted employees including interest and superannuation. Communicate to various internal and external stakeholders including the board and advisors on the level of risk so the right steps can be made to complete the project and move forward.

PaidRight Remediation Team

Our team works alongside yours using the proprietary technology platform that was developed by PaidRight and CSIRO to deal with the complex legislation and turn it into configurable code.

The PaidRight services team is made up of payroll compliance and data experts, with several years of experience working with some of the country’s best known employers. The team is supported by leading industry experts including legal expertise, data analysts, engineers and business analysts.

We have a proven approach that works. The PaidRight team are outcome focussed, collaborative, transparent, & flexible to account for the uncertainty within complex remediation and payroll compliance projects.

Payroll Compliance Experts
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