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Remediate six years, in six weeks

PaidRight’s wage remediation solution has been purposely built to accelerate extensive wage remediation projects. Tested and proven we get you to a payment file faster.

Trusted by Australia’s most prominent brands




In wages reviewed



Employees reviewed



Pay models built

Complete your remediation project faster than ever before

PaidRight implements a pragmatic and innovative approach that rapidly generates results in under a week, we accelerate the entire process, ensuring a swift progression to a payment file.

These projects don't have to break the bank

PaidRight's tech-enabled solution enables remediation projects to be completed thoroughly and efficiently without the lengthy timelines associated with traditional and manual methods.

  • Pre-built pay models ready to go
  • 1,800 in built automated checks
  • Guidance from our expert compliance team

Get back to business as usual

PaidRight gives you the control you need to effectively manage every aspect of the remediation process with confidence and ease.

  • Make payments including interest and superannuation
  • Communicate to various stakeholders on the level of risk
  • Surface a plan to prevent getting into the situation again

Real results, backed by real stories

We recently completed a large-scale remediation project in just 4.5 months. This extensive multi year remediation included a review of over 3,000 employees across three modern awards and one enterprise agreement. Working closely with the customer and their legal partner we allowed them to make the necessary back-payments in an efficient timeline.

how do we do it?

An innovative solution that puts you in control

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Get an initial result in under a week

Using the advanced PaidRight system you get an initial result in under a week. Prioritise working through the important issues rather than immaterial ones.


Investigate issues that matter

Make adjustments to your data and interpretation with help from PaidRight’s expert team. Focus on high priority errors that actually have an impact on the back-payment.


Keep refining or generate a payment file

You’re in control, continue investigating issues that are impacting your payments, or if you’re happy with the precision of the results proceed to generate a payment file.


Make payments, update stakeholders and understand root causes

Make payments, provide transparency when explaining the numbers to your team, work with regulators or other stakeholders on the decisions made.

Our team have seen it all

Our team has and continues to work on some of the most complex remediation projects in the country ranging from businesses with 100 to 100,000 employees.

About PaidRight

Talk to our expert team

We understand wage remediation is a delicate conversation to have and respecting confidentiality is paramount.

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All your questions answered

How long is this really going to take? 

Our standard remediation timeline is six weeks, although you get an initial result in under a week from uploading your data into the system. The 6 weeks includes two weeks to totally onboard you as well as four weeks to run an issue investigation phase. If you wish to extend the issue investigation past four weeks you can at a prorated rate. 

Can this be under privilege? 

Absolutely. A lot of our remediation work is confidential and we will work very closely with your legal team or firm. 

Who decides on the interpretation? 

We will be guided by you and your legal team on how you want the agreements configured in the system. Our team will work closely with you to ensure the configuration is aligned with your business’ defendable interpretation. If you decide you would like to change your interpretation this can be done at any time in minutes. 

What if I have missing, paper-based or no data in some instances? 

Do not worry. We are yet to come across someone with complete data going back multiple years. Our team has worked on many projects where this is the case and we can provide a custom data service, make assumptions or make rule based decisions at your discretion so get you a result. 

What's the internal resourcing I am going to need for this project?

For a remediation project we recommend one resource is a project manager half a day a week. And then we require sporadic time from legal/HR payroll/IT of maximum one hour a week. 

Preparing for Wage Theft Laws: Key Actions to Take From July 1.
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