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PaidRight is a payroll compliance platform that rapidly recalculates every shift of every employee against complex modern awards and enterprise agreements.

What does PaidRight do?

The automated PaidRight engine can review entire payrolls in less than 10 minutes. Our partners use the platform to accelerate and improve the accuracy of wage remediation projects for their clients, as well as offer an ongoing, tech-based compliance control to fix payroll errors during the pay-run.

Why partner with us?

Increase trust

The platform delivers high-performance capabilities, enabling swift data validation and calculation for reliable analysis. It's the calculation engine behind Australia's largest remediation projects.

Elevate client satisfaction

Deliver valuable insights to clients from the first week of engagement. Maintain project control throughout its entirety, ensuring a smooth journey from initiation to completion.

Enrich your value-prop

Effortlessly blend and contribute expertise where needed to enhance the client experience. Focus on your strengths to guarantee exceptional service delivery, solidifying your position as a trusted ally in achieving client success.

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Pay models built

Partnerships are bespoke and tailored to you.

PaidRight is on a mission to restore trust between employees and employers when it comes to pay. To do that we want to partner with advisors and technology providers to ensure Australian businesses can be confident they are getting it right.

Referral Partner

PaidRight-led Approach

Delivery Partner

Joint Approach

Integration Partner

System-led Approach

How PaidRight can help your clients

All companies want to be confident that they are paying their people correctly. The complexity of the payroll domain has made this hard to achieve, but PaidRight makes being confident about compliance easy.

Identify and fix payroll errors before they happen
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Easily remediate six years, in six weeks
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Health Check
A compliance risk assessment in a week
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Enhance your team and capabilities

wage remediation

Complete remediation projects faster with a powerful engine

Our unique, tech-enabled approach, using pre-built models ensures a swift progression to a payment file, accelerating any wage remediation projects.

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ongoing compliance control

Identify and fix payroll errors during payroll processing

PaidRight seamlessly integrates with your clients payroll systems, so they can identify and fix errors in payroll before pay goes out. Avoid costly remediation projects as well as fortify your clients defendable position.

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health check

A compliance risk assessment in under a week

Demonstrate to the board and stakeholders a more sophisticated understanding of your clients current payroll compliance risk profile. Substantiate a business case for investment in a wage remediation project, an ongoing compliance tool, or a payroll transformation activity.

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Paidright’s partnership network

About PaidRight

Our goal is to enhance how your payroll team does compliance checks, highlighting and fixing payroll errors before pay goes out, so you can avoid missing errors and costly remediations.

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