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Paid right.

Comprehensive, end-to-end system for payroll compliance.


Protecting your business and all employees

PaidRight is a first of its kind. Developed by a gun team of business and engineering experts who know the complete insights into payroll compliance.


Software driven payroll now smarter than ever before.

PaidRight uses proprietary technology that interprets payroll data, rosters and timesheets against changing enterprise agreements and awards to identify errors that may exist in your payroll. Core advantages are:


PaidRight achieves 98.7% accuracy by analysing every employee shift against every line of every contract, legal agreement, and piece of legislation.


Automation generates insights at unparalleled speeds, identifying issues much quicker than existing methods.


PaidRight can model the entire workforce offering a new alternative to traditional sample testing, typically only analyzing 10% of the workforce.


Culmination of years of research development and market-testing with the CSIRO, PwC and major household brands.


Traditional approaches are labour based systems, whereas the PaidRight system is software-based, allowing PaidRight to collaborate with professional services advisors and diagnose issues more accurately.

Cost efficient

Reducing personnel costs, and not requiring expensive custom-built models or sample testing.

Fast & Comprehensive Payslip Check

PaidRight provides immediate insight to whether there are any discrepancies for all your employees.

Fast & Comprehensive Award Check

PaidRight helps with regulatory compliance with insight into what your employees would have been paid under the relevant modern Awards.

Scenario Modelling Workforce Cost Impacts

PaidRight provides faster analytical support for your organisation to better understand the cost impacts of Award and Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

We restore confidence in the way people are paid.