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Transform how your payroll team works

PaidRight is a payroll compliance system that gives busy payroll, finance and HR teams the power to identify errors in pay before they happen - for every employee, at every pay-run.

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why you need paidright

Even with the best teams, and the best systems, errors are slipping through the cracks.

We get it — you’ve got less than 72 hours to get pay out to thousands of employees each pay run, some errors are easily missed. That's where PaidRight comes in.

how is this possible?

Retrospective reviews

Your processes are catching errors after pay goes out.

Misaligned systems

The data in your T&A and payroll systems do not match.

Dynamic workforces

Business logic applied to your systems is outdated.

Exception oversight

Your systems are not designed to catch errors occurring.

How do you catch those errors slipping through the cracks?

You swap from manually reviewing spreadsheets and identifying discrepancies, to using an automated tool built specifically to make payroll teams more efficient.

Identify and fix payroll errors before they happen

PayPrecision seamlessly integrates with your payroll and time and attendance systems, identifying errors in your payroll before pay goes out.

  • Delegate and fix errors and gaps in your rosters and timesheets
  • Catch errors in entitlements including rates and overtime triggers
  • Audit trail of all issues and summary email so you can confidently get it right, and prove it to management, employees and regulators
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wage remediation

Complete your remediation project faster

PaidRight supports enterprise wage remediation projects for organisations with over 100 employees. Our unique, tech-enabled approach, ensures a swift progression to a payment file, accelerating any wage remediation projects.

  • Get an initial result within one week using pre-built pay models
  • Focus on issues that have a material impact on your back-payment
  • Guided by compliance experts that have worked on the most complex wage remediation projects in the country
How we do Remediation
Making payroll compliance easy

About Us

Our goal is to enhance how your payroll team does compliance checks, highlighting and fixing payroll errors before pay goes out, so you can avoid missing errors and costly remediations.

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your people, paid right

Let’s bring certainty to your payroll compliance

PaidRight helps you fix payroll errors before they happen, so you can pay your people correctly every time.

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Useful Resources

Frequently asked questions about PaidRight

What does PaidRight do?

PaidRight is a payroll compliance system that enables busy payroll teams to solve payroll issues themselves. PaidRight offers two products; PayPrecision - that enables payroll teams to identify payroll errors before pay goes out. Wage Remediation - where businesses can rapidly complete extensive wage remediation projects faster than ever before.

Why do I need PaidRight? 

The current industrial relations landscape in Australia, including new legislation, an active regulator and ongoing cases of wage underpayments means large Australian businesses need to implement a wage compliance program. We believe the best way to do this is with technology that reviews all employees during the pay run. 

Where does PaidRight fit with our current payroll processes? 

PaidRight sits as an independent system that can be integrated with your time and attendance and payroll systems. It works as a parallel review of these systems. Your payroll team uses the system to identify errors, enhancing the compliance checks that they are already doing. 

How is PaidRight different to my time and attendance system? 

Depending on what system you use, many are designed and run by international companies and can’t handle the complex clauses in Australia’s awards and enterprise agreements. These time and attendance systems are not designed to catch errors when being used, which has led to large wage underpayments across every major industry in Australia. Even with the best time attendance system in place your payroll team still needs to check and review each pay - PaidRight makes that process comprehensive and easy. 

Is this live with my modern award or enterprise agreement? 

We have a library of clauses pre-built on the system. This means all modern awards and enterprise agreements can be configured to your interpretation during implementation. 

Why is doing regular checks better than an annual audit?

Annual audits highlight all the errors that have been made over the course of a year. PaidRight highlights these gaps each pay-run before pay goes out so you can fix them and don’t have to worry about making a potentially large back payment every year. 

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