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Comprehensive, end-to-end system for employee pay compliance.


Protecting your business and all employees

Our business and engineering experts deliver business-wide peace of mind through detailed compliance insights from PaidRight’s unique technology platform.


PaidRight’s Pay Compliance Platform

Our platform is a unique data-software hybrid and has been specifically designed for Australian modern award interpretation. We maximise the efficiency of software automation whilst maintaining the nuance & customisation of a bespoke solution. Core advantages are:


With PaidRight, all variances are uncovered by analysing every employee shift against every line of every contract, legal agreement, and piece of legislation.


PaidRight’s process generates insights at speeds that competing pay compliance solutions are unable to match – without compromising on accuracy and scope.


PaidRight’s pioneering platform creates pay models that are specific to your situation, incorporating the precise nuances of your Enterprise Agreement or Award, to deliver precision results.


The PaidRight data-software platform is the culmination of years of research development with PwC and CSIRO’s Data61, and market-testing with some of Australia’s biggest employers in the retail and service industries.


Unlike fully bespoke (and labour-intensive) pay compliance solutions, PaidRight is a data-software platform that brings the best of software automation to bear on solving pay compliance comprehensively and at scale.


Unlike fully automated pay compliance solutions, the customisable PaidRight models can be updated as the need arises, giving full flexibility to keep up with changing legislation, or explore hypothetical new scenarios and understand the potential impact on payroll.

Fast & Comprehensive Payslip Check

PaidRight provides immediate insight to whether there are any discrepancies for all your employees.

Fast & Comprehensive Award Check

PaidRight helps with regulatory compliance with insight into what your employees would have been paid under the relevant modern Awards.

Scenario Modelling Workforce Cost Impacts

PaidRight provides faster analytical support for your organisation to better understand the cost impacts of Award and Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

We restore confidence in the way people are paid.