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Payroll risk assessment

Understand your payroll risk exposure in just 10 days

A tech-driven solution, PaidRight offers a simple and easy payroll compliance risk assessment, highlighting payroll risk exposure across your business. Set-up in an hour with results in 10 days.

Trusted by Australia’s most prominent brands




In wages reviewed



Employees reviewed



Pay models built

Every shift, for every employee. Not a sample test.

A payroll risk assessment that isn’t just a sample test. We help you understand total risk exposure so you can make informed decisions.


Board-ready results delivered in less than 10 business days.


Set-up takes an hour and we will do the rest of the work.

Protect your business against payroll compliance risks

A payroll risk assessment is a tech-driven, precise, and straightforward evaluation for executive leadership. It compares rosters, timesheets, and pay records for every shift and employee, leveraging data governance, award interpretation, and system configuration for accurate risk profiling.

Take proactive measures to mitigate payroll compliance risk

Achieve low-touch, cost-effective business protection by assessing payroll compliance risks. Foster an employee-first culture and ensure fair, accurate pay while prioritising key objectives.

Receive the tools to navigate payroll compliance with precision

Obtain an executive summary detailing your compliance position and a board-ready risk assessment matrix. Access an interactive dashboard showcasing organisational trends and individual employee insights.

You may have some of these questions

How long will the trial take?

The trial will take approximately two weeks to complete. 

How much time do you need from my team during this?

The only time we need from your team in these two weeks is for them to download and upload data into the system as well as 2x one hour meetings to discuss the insights in the results. 

What do I get as a part of this trial?

The trial aims to demonstrate the power of PaidRight’s PayPrecision product. You will get a baseline understanding of your current compliance position to help build your internal business case to implement PayPrecision. 

How much is this going to cost me? 

The trial is a fixed fee depending on the size of your business. However this is not charged if you sign up for the annual subscription to PayPrecision. 

What data do you need from me to do this? 

For the trial we request three months of payroll data. This includes roster, timesheet, payroll and employee masterfile information. 

Preparing for Wage Theft Laws: Key Actions to Take From July 1.
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