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About us

PaidRight is a payroll compliance system that allows Australian payroll, finance and HR teams to review their entire payroll in minutes before pay goes out, not after. We are solving payroll compliance by empowering these teams with rapid reviews and workflow tools to solve payroll issues themselves.

Transforming the way payroll teams work

The goal is to enhance how your payroll team does compliance checks, highlighting gaps in your records or configuration from both your time and attendance and payroll systems before pay goes out, so you can avoid missing errors and costly remediations.

how are we different to your time and attendance system?

Errors occur even with the best time and attendance systems

Australian payroll teams have less than 72 hours to get payroll out for an entire workforce. With the complexity of getting pay right errors can easily slip through the cracks. That’s why we have built a payroll compliance tool that allows payroll teams to identify payroll errors during the pay run, not after.

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In wages reviewed



Employees reviewed



Pay models built

Our story

Initially established as a collaborative venture with CSIROs Data 61 back in 2017, PaidRight spun out into it’s own independent entity in July 2020. Since the start our Sydney-based team has been on a mission to restore trust between employees and employers when it comes to pay.

Our platform

Our platform is engineered to rapidly recalculate every shift, of every employee against complex modern awards and enterprise agreements so Australian businesses can fix errors during the pay-run as well as accelerate wage remediation projects.

Our team

Everyone at PaidRight loves to solve complex problems and we believe we can empower payroll teams to solve pay compliance more effectively with technology.

How we help solve your payroll issues

All companies want to be confident that they are paying their people correctly. The complexity of the payroll domain has made this hard to achieve, but PaidRight makes being confident about compliance easy.

Identify and fix payroll errors before they happen
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Easily remediate six years, in six weeks
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Risk Assessment
A 10-day payroll risk assessment of every shift, for every employee
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Why PaidRight?

Some of Australia’s best known employers are leveraging the power of PaidRight, providing confidence to senior leadership, the board, employees, investors and regulators.

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