About PaidRight

Our Mission

Restore trust between employees and employers when it comes to pay.

PaidRight is an independent, comprehensive system for employee pay compliance. Gain enterprise wide transparency through analysing every employee shift against each line of the employee's contract, legal agreement and piece of legislation.

Our Origin

PaidRight was established as a collaborative venture between PwC Australia and CSIRO’s Data61, working together in building and commercialising the ground-breaking PaidRight technology system.


We envision a world where

Employee pay compliance is a given
Payroll data drives business optimisation
Problem space

What led to PaidRight being created was the ongoing complexity and uncertainty when it came to paying employees under modern awards and enterprise agreements in Australia.

Given the complex industrial relations landscape, the challenges with configuring and managing multiple payroll systems and oversight of thousands of employees, payroll compliance has become a huge challenge for a number of industries including retail, hospitality, fast food, aged care and more.

As a result we have seen many well resourced, well performing companies deal with the impacts of inaccurate employee pay.

Australian businesses invest too much into getting payroll right, it shouldn’t have to be a burden for any longer.

Our milestones

1+ Billion

rows of payroll data

21+ million

in payslips reviewed


Custom pay models
We apply the highest industry standards when it comes to data protection and security
Payroll compliance considerations for the holiday season in 30 minutes
Thursday, 7th December, 11am
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