Does your annualised wage arrangement cover award entitlements

In this webinar we looked at the annualised wage arrangement rules in the RIA and HIGA, providing insight into different roster patterns.

16th June 2023


In this webinar we discuss annualised wage arrangements under modern awards and what employers should know to stay compliant.

Our webinar covers:

  • What an annualised wage arrangement is
  • Annualised wage arrangement clauses in the Hospitality Industry General Award (HIGA) and Restaurant Industry Award (RIA)
  • Employer’s record keeping obligations for annualised wage arrangements
  • Employer’s obligations to reconcile and review annualised wage arrangements
  • Examples of annualised wage modelling and using data to optimise employees’ annualised wages

Key takeaways

  • Understand if your annualised wage arrangements consistently cover entitlements and outer limits outlined in the award
  • Understand how annualised wages can potentially cause overpayments as well as underpayments
  • Understand the impact of offsetting for salaried employees over a 12 month period


Jeylan Riza
Legal Interpretation Analyst
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Nicole Monteiro
Legal Interpretation Manager
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Legal Interpretation Analyst - PaidRight
Jeylan is our Legal Interpretation Analyst at PaidRight, specialising in employment and commercial law. With a diverse background across various legal and startup domains, she works within our compliance legal team to conduct thorough analysis of employment legislation, enterprise agreements, and modern awards.
Legal Interpretation Manager - PaidRight
Nicole previously worked in state government with extensive experience in analysing, interpreting, applying legislation and translating it into maths. She has reviewed and translated over 50 Awards and EAs at PaidRight, removing ambiguities and simplifying the complexities that surround interpretation for our pay modelling team.