PaidRight Services Team

PaidRight Services Team helps large Australian companies with complex wage remediation projects and EA negotiation modelling with bespoke and tailored solutions.


Complex wage remediation experts

PaidRight is a specialist payroll compliance company with deep payroll remediation experience. We are the modelling engine for some of the most complex remediation projects in the country and have helped remediate more than 18 million payslips using more than 100 different models, looking at over 1 billion rows of payroll data. 

1+ Billion

rows of payroll data

21+ million

in payslips reviewed


Custom pay models

How we can help 

Our Services Team currently supports many large enterprises in Australia through the PaidRight customer journey offering a customised approach and is made up of leading industry experts including legal consults, data analysts, engineers and business analysts.

In our experience, most of our customers' needs fall into four key parts or phases depending on where they are in their journey - we’ve designed our services around the types of activities that we can best offer you at each stage. 

The understanding phase provides you with a high-level assessment of your compliance risk. This gives some insight into where you are at risk of not being able to prove your compliance and the size of the potential risk areas.
  • High level data analysis 
  • Compliance risk matrix 
  • Award or EA review
Where you may have found a large risk of non-compliance, we support you through a remediation phase. We conduct a deep analysis of wages over a period of time, including interest and super, to each individual employee that has been impacted and then provide a list of back payments.
  • Historical multi year wage remediation
  • Annualised salary remediation 
  • Specific complex clause remediation 
Ongoing monitoring provides you ongoing and regular visibility into your compliance risk and identify errors before issues arise. Consistent regulatory, business and payroll systems changes make it extremely important to continue to monitor compliance so you can build confidence with Fair Work, the board and to employees.
  • Quarterly reviews, with back payment file available 
  • Dedicated ongoing customer success manager
  • Ongoing access to our payroll and data experts 
Whilst monitoring for risk of non-compliance, we offer a range of services to optimise your payroll and workforce. While continuously monitoring for areas of risk, it becomes just as important to look to optimise the payroll function of the business, here costs can be cut and services introduced to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • EA negotiation 
  • BOOT 
  • Payroll system reporting and analysis

Are you a large company with a complex payroll setting?

PaidRight helps large Australian companies, operating with multiple payroll systems, paying under multiple awards and enterprise agreements, managing multiple brands and stores with oversight over thousands of employees with their payroll compliance. From risk assessments to data analysis or complex remediation projects, PaidRight's specialist services team can help.

Dealing with complex wage remediation projects

Remediation projects can be a huge undertaking, there are logistical challenges - like different stakeholders, grappling with historic data and business knowledge and complex dependencies. There is also a human element like the trust of your team in leadership and brand reputation, as well as potential impact on your bottom line.

Our approach is to start with the outcome in mind. What do you need to be able to do with these results? Make payments, provide transparency when explaining the numbers to your team, work with regulators or other stakeholders on the decisions made. Our services team has a proven track record of undertaking and executing complex wage remediation projects with some of Australia’s largest employers.

Scenario modelling when negotiating your enterprise agreement 

EA negotiation scenario modelling allows you to understand the impact of proposed changes to your enterprise agreement. Support decision making and stakeholder communications during your next EA negotiation process, using your most recent data to model the impact of proposed changes.

During this process our team will model proposed changes to the EA including but not limited to OT, rostering and provide cost forecasts of any of these changes. We can also model the underlying award providing a BOOT compliance assessment based on actual patterns of employee activity.

PaidRight Services Team

Our services team operates using the proprietary technology platform that was developed by PaidRight and CSIRO to deal with the complex legislation and turn it into configurable code.

The PaidRight services team is made up of payroll compliance and data experts, with many years of experience working with some of the country’s best known employers. The team is supported by leading industry experts including legal consults, data analysts, engineers and business analysts.

We have a proven approach that works. The PaidRight team are outcome focussed, collaborative, transparent, & flexible to account for the uncertainty within complex remediation and payroll compliance projects.

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