Ongoing Payslip Checks

Ongoing Payslip Checks are quarterly reviews of 100% of your workforce.

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Confidence in your systems and processes

Review 100% of your workforce with ongoing, quarterly reviews. This includes every shift, of every employee so you have total visibility into your payroll compliance.

The Ongoing Payslip Checks aim to help you feel confident that you’re continuously able to prove compliance.

Pricing will be determined by the number of employees and agreements.
  1. • Updated pay compliance reports every quarter
  2. • Trend analysis from previous quarters
  3. • See the impact of your internal changes to your compliance position
  4. • Increase your payroll compliance score overtime
  5. • Build stakeholder confidence including the board, investors, employees and Fair Work
In a Payslip Check you receive two reports every quarter, giving you a detailed look into your current payroll compliance position based on your last 3 months of payroll data.
Pay Compliance Analysis Report
Prove your compliance. Build your payroll confidence with complete visibility.
Business Records Insights Report
Assess the health of your business records, identifying gaps and outliers in your payroll data.

Beginning a Payslip Check

To successfully begin an Ongoing Payslip Check we go through two main onboarding tasks with you.
This process will allow you access to the PaidRight platform, allow a safe transfer of your business records data as well as capture your interpretation of the relevant legal agreement.

From this, your custom pay model is built and we can deliver your insights.
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Business Records Transfer
Transfer and understand the health of your business records, enabling us to build your custom pay model
  • Assist you in extracting your business records
  • Assess overall completeness of your data
  • Present you with a Business Records Insights Report
Pay Instrument Modelling
To understand how you apply employee pay requirements so we can build your interpretations into a customised pay model
  • Capturing and understanding your interpretation of the relevant agreement
  • Build the pay instrument model based on your interpretation
  • Present you with a Pay Compliance Analysis Report
Know your payroll compliance
Gain business-wide peace of mind through detailed compliance insights from PaidRight’s unique technology platform.