Payroll Compliance Software

Paidright will provide you with regular checks so you can track your compliance, providing detailed insight into the accuracy of employee pay and why you might be at risk of variance


Proof you are paying your people correctly

Recalculate your payroll for complete visibility

Receive and track your compliance score every month, gain back time and stress less knowing you can prove you are compliant. The PaidRight calculated score allows you to see the breadth and depth of your compliance, highlighting your greatest areas of risk that would impact your ability to prove your compliance.

Prove and improve your compliance

Identify employees at risk of under or overpayment

Coverage over all employees

Ever wanted to investigate a specific employee without manually going through and recalculating several rosters and timesheets? The PaidRight product maps which employees are at risk of underpayment or overpayment on a per pay period or monthly basis.

Buy back your time with PaidRight

Take your compliance to the next level

Identify the root cause of what may prevent you from proving compliance

Investigate why you might be at risk of underpaying an employee. With PaidRight you are provided with detailed insights into what clauses during what shifts may have contributed to a specific employee being at risk of an underpayment or overpayment.

Have a plan moving forward

All your compliance checks, in one place

Absolute variance
A high level indication of how actual payments differ from the entitlements determined by PaidRights model.
Underpayment risk
The underpayment risk will be displayed as a scatterplot with a point for each employee analysed.
Clause breach
The clauses were responsible for driving the variance between the modelled entitlement and the actual payment.
Compliance score
The weighted average of % of employees compliant and % of total negative variance.
Top 5 underpayments
Displays the 5 employees with the greatest calculated underpayment from each report generated.
Clause impact analysis
Shows on a per employee basis which clauses are causing the biggest risk of underpayment.

Prove your compliance

Some of the country’s best known companies already trust PaidRight to prove their compliance. Save time and money with PaidRight.