Payroll reviews, without all the work

Have more confidence that you are paying your people correctly. Automated reviews that are helping businesses understand risk of both underpayments and overpayments

Why regular and ongoing reviews?

Avoid costly wage remediation projects

Having regular visibility into where risk lies will help you implement necessary business changes. This allows for fixes to be made in a timely manner without the cost of a large-scale wage remediation project.

Prove to the board and Fair Work you are getting it right

PaidRight provides the tools to prove you are paying your people correctly. When the board or fair work ask for proof of compliance, you will have the confidence and an interactive report to show any stakeholders

Coverage over your entire business

Sample tests has led to ongoing uncertainty around employee pay. Reviewing 100% of your workforce allows for total risk awareness and the ability to make business changes within offset periods alleviating the need for a large scale wage remediation project.

Have more confidence in how you pay your employees

I love that PaidRight does the BOOT test automatically for us - this is a tool that is long overdue in market
- Group Payroll Manager

Understand your risk of underpayments and overpayments

All your questions answered

What do we do after we get the results?

After getting your results you can identify where your biggest risk areas are, and put into place a strategy to improve them. This may include; better data collection methods, different rostering principles, or even a different interpretation. You can then review how those changes have impacted your risk levels in following reviews.

Can you also provide custom reporting?

Yes, the product sits above a data platform that can provide different analysis on the data you have provided. This could include store by store comparisons, brand by brand comparisons, looking at specific clauses in more detail or specific cohorts of employees in more detail.

How do you calculate the compliance score?

Our compliance score is the weighted average of % of employees compliant and % of total negative variance. Let’s break this down further:

1. The % of employees compliant: this figure is calculated by taking the number of employees with negative variance (i.e. underpaid) divided by the total number of unique employees found in your data.

2. The % of total negative variance: this figure is calculated by taking the sum of absolute negative variances divided by the total actual payments found in your data.

Do I have to back pay employees based on the results?

Not necessarily, what the product aims to do is highlight risk. There may be reasons for risk being highlighted like an employee agreeing to a shift via text that isn’t collected in your system. It may however highlight larger areas of risk that might lead to you investigating further to potentially look at back payments.

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