Health Check

The Fixed Price Health Check is a fast, one off check of your current payroll compliance position.

Visibility into your compliance position

A Health Check includes a review of your latest three months of payroll data, for 500 employees on a single agreement and aims to answer the question "Can I prove that I am paying my employees in accordance with their legal entitlements?"

A Health Check can be completed in four weeks and will cost $15,000.
• A fast and easy way to understand your overall compliance position
• Understand your current compliance score
• Delve into the root cause of employee pay variance
• Insights into the health of your business records
From a Health Check you receive two reports that give you a detailed look into your current payroll compliance position based on your latest 3 months of payroll data.
Business Records Insights Report
Pay Compliance Analysis Report

Beginning a Health Check

To successfully conduct a Health Check we go through two main onboarding tasks with you.
This process will allow access to the PaidRight platform, allow a safe transfer of your business records data as well as capture your interpretation of the relevant legal agreement.

From this, your custom pay model is built and we can deliver your insights.
Business Records Transfer
Transfer and understand the health of your business records, enabling us to build your custom pay model
  • Assist you in extracting your business records
  • Assess overall completeness of your data
  • Present you with a Business Records Insights Report
1x 2 hour workshop
  • In this workshop, we’ll work with you to:
  • Walk through the Business Records Workbook which specifies the data files and fields we require;
  • Provide access to PaidRight’s platform to enable transfer of your business records;
  • Extract the required datasets from your systems.
Pay Instrument Modelling
To understand how you apply employee pay requirements so we can build your interpretations into a customised pay model
  • Capturing and understanding your interpretation of the relevant agreement
  • Build the pay instrument model based on your interpretation
  • Present you with a Pay Compliance Analysis Report
1x 2 hour workshop
  • In this workshop, we’ll work with you to:
  • Understand the key clauses of the relevant agreement (Award or Agreement);
  • Walk through a series of interpretation questions with some illustrative examples;
  • Capture your interpretation decisions/answers for each of the questions, along with your confidence level.
Know your payroll compliance
Gain business-wide peace of mind through detailed compliance insights from PaidRight’s unique technology platform.