Configured to deal with complex interpretation

Different businesses will have different interpretations of awards and enterprise agreements. We have built an interpretation tool that is highly customisable to your business that you can use to defend how you pay your people.

Have more confidence in how you pay your employees

I love that PaidRight does the BOOT test automatically for us - this is a tool that is long overdue in market
- Group Payroll Manager

Rock solid configuration

Interpretation that you can defend

Time and attendance systems are hard to configure

Avoid costly wage remediation projects

Digital copies for all of your awards and EAs

Communicate interpretation to other team members

All your questions answered

Do we use our own interpretation?

For the One time review, a default PaidRight interpretation will be used. For ongoing reviews you are able to use a default interpretation or build your own customised interpretation within the product that aligns with your business.

Can we use a PaidRight default interpretation?

Yes, you can use a PaidRight default interpretation. This interpretation is based on a conservative approach, however if you would like to change it at any time you can.

Is this a separate product to the compliance reviews?

No, the award interpretation tool is used to build a model to run your data through to assess risk and develop the compliance report. The price to use this is included in the ongoing fees. 

We apply the highest industry standards when it comes to data protection and security
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