Award Interpretation Tool

Customisable software so you can understand how your interpretation of the award or enterprise agreement impacts employee pay and your compliance score


Understand how your interpretation impacts pay

Turn complexity into confidence

In our work we see different expert advice, all reasonable, being provided about the ways employers are supposed to calculate entitlements. Build your interpretation with extremely detailed configuration. Custom built to suit your business, get a visual representation of how you pay your employees.

No more spreadsheets and uncertainty

Alter or add an interpretation

Digitised and customisable with a few simple clicks

Seamless ways to alter your interpretation and get an understanding of how those changes might impact entitlements and your compliance score. Create or amend an interpretation template to use based on legal expertise, updated business processes or regulatory changes.

Remove uncertainty about award interpretation

Access to PaidRight’s default interpretations

A library of awards that are applicable to you

Not sure or confident in your own interpretation? Gain access to PaidRight’s library of default award interpretations to use or to compare to your own custom built model. Reduce some of the stress and ambiguity of complex clauses within your award.

Have more confidence in the way you pay your people

Covering awards and enterprise agreements


Insights into all of your stores and brands in just minutes

Storage Services

Get coverage over all of your employees, not just a sample of them


Improve your data collection across all of your venues

Prove your compliance

Some of the country’s best known companies already trust PaidRight to prove their compliance. Save time and money with PaidRight.