Restore trust between employees and employers when it comes to pay.

At PaidRight, we emphasise growth, innovation, and transparency to help solve this complex issue that has never been tackled before. We have flexible working arrangements and have teams operating out of Sydney and Brisbane all working with a high level of trust and support.
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What we value and how we operate
We’ll do it together

We always believe in mutual purpose and mutual respect - people act with the best intentions. We win and lose together.

We’re brave and bold without the bravado

What we’re trying to do hasn’t been done before. Every  person and task contributes to the way we achieve our vision.

We lead openly

We believe that open and transparent communication helps us see eye to eye and ultimately helps with resolving conflict. We start from a position of trust and interact without hidden agendas. Actions speak louder than words and our words are backed with action that is visible to everyone.

We have nothing to prove, everything to improve

We believe in disciplined innovation. Our company is growing, in every sense. We’re always looking for ways to cultivate the growth of our people, our practices, and our product offerings.

We are greater than the sum of our parts

We’ve brought together diverse backgrounds and professions to tackle a complex problem. We start with collaboration and believe it is the key to our success.

We are diverse, open-minded, knowledgeable and driven.

A day in the life @ PaidRight from the Office

Nick Le - Product Manager

After my morning coffee chats with some teammates in the office, I join our team's daily stand-ups to say hello to our virtual team members and see if there are any blockers that I can help unblock.

After meetings with our customer success team, I often look at our product backlog, and see whether we are still addressing the most important pain points for our customers.

After a team lunch and a cheeky game of ping-pong, the rest of the afternoon is spent looking into the product roadmap and working through the broader challenges that our team might be facing in developing our products.

Followed with a quick beverage with the team before heading home for the evening.

A day in the life @ PaidRight from Home

Nicole Monteiro - Legal Interpretation Manager

After a morning gym session, I settle in at my desk with my morning coffee and put on some music. I log on and let the team know I am working from home before I organise my day and catch up with my manager for our weekly one on one.

At lunch time or in between afternoon meetings, I like to take a quick break to get some sun and fresh air and take my dogs for a walk.

After joining in the team’s afternoon planning sessions, I join the whole company for fortnightly Town Hall updates where we showcase work, milestones achieved, and any other exciting updates. I finish the day by working on some individual work before logging off for the evening.

We apply the highest industry standards when it comes to data protection and security
Navigating rate changes for payroll accuracy and compliance in 30 minutes
Friday, 29th September, 11am
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Chief Executive Officer
Legal Interpretation Manager
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