Storage Services and Wholesale Award

For all businesses managing warehouses, including retailers and wholesalers that want to prove their compliance


Understand how your interpretation impacts pay

Turn complexity into confidence

In our work we see different expert advice, all reasonable, being provided about the ways employers are supposed to calculate entitlements. Build your interpretation with extremely detailed configuration. Custom built to suit your business, get a visual representation of how you pay your employees.

No more spreadsheets and uncertainty

Tailored insights to improve your data qaulity

Dive further into your data insights

Need to investigate further? Download and share specific insights with employees to solve issues. This will provide you with great clarity in how errors in record keeping may impact your compliance score and accuracy of pay.

Don’t let data quality stop you from proving you are compliant

Understand why you are at risk of variance in pay

Identify the root cause of what may prevent you from proving compliance

Investigate why you might be at risk of underpaying an employee. With PaidRight you are provided with detailed insights into what clauses during what shifts may have contributed to an employee being at risk of both an underpayment or an overpayment.

Have a plan moving forward
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