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PaidRight is building a new product for payroll, finance and human resources teams to help businesses better understand and interpret Australian Modern Awards so they can be certain they’re compliant and paying their employees correctly.

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Share your experiences in exchange for a gift card or charity donation

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Help shape a new product that will be collectively built to ease the pain points that matter most to you and others in your position.

Be a pioneer

Your participation can help set you and your company apart from others in the industry when it comes to pay accuracy and compliance.

Solve the problem

Be a leader in solving a problem faced by many companies across Australia. Even if you feel you don’t have an issue, we would love to hear about your experience.

What’s in it for you?

Be rewarded

A thank you gift in exchange for sharing your experience and insights such as e-gift cards or charity donations on your behalf.

Early access

Get early access to the product and a discount on the subscription when the product hits the market for your continued support and involvement.

How does it work?

Interview session

Our research sessions will be conducted remotely via video.

The first session will take approximately 45 minutes as a PaidRight researcher gets to know about you and your experience to date with payroll compilance.

Follow up session

Each session will be between 30 to 45 minutes at a time that suits you best.

We will always let you know what the session is about so you can choose to opt out of a particular session or leave the program completely.

Claim your reward

We want to thank you for your time and participation in each session.

After each session, claim your reward by selecting your reward from a catalog of gift cards or donate your reward to a charity of your choice.

Important things to know

Confidentiality, anonymous and no strings attached

Participating in the research is treated as highly confidential. You can choose to keep your identity and company anonymous at all times. All participants can opt out at any time throughout the entirety of the research process.

We want to learn from your insights

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