Payroll compliance software for Aussie payroll teams

Independent payroll compliance software that allows you to review 100% of your workforce every month, no more sample tests


How it works

Easily and securely upload your data
Upload your payroll data onto the PaidRight product in less time than it takes to make a coffee
Improve the quality of your data
Receive detailed insights about your payroll data within minutes of uploading, identifying gaps and outliers from the data you uploaded
Understand your interpretation
Build out your own digitised award interpretation, or use a PaidRight default interpretation
Highlighted risk of underpayments and overpayments
Recalculate what you paid your employees, highlighting each employee's potential risk of underpayments and overpayments
Track your improvement
Review your payroll monthly and make sample tests a thing of the past. Every shift, from every payslip of every employee

Business Records Insights

Identify outliers and assess your data quality score with 13 data analysis points.

Payroll Compliance Software

Review every shift, from every payslip of every employee so you see the whole picture.

Award Interpretation Tool

Build your own interpretation based on your own business or use a default PaidRight interpretation.

So you can feel confident about your payroll

Less reliance on manual checking and early visibility into potential problems
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Get a compliance review in minutes

Understand where you may be at risk of underpayment every month

Make worrying about compliance a thing of the past. Upload your payroll data every month and track your compliance in the PaidRight product. Understand what’s causing each employee to be at risk of underpayment and/or overpayment so you can make changes to prevent it from happening.

Prove your compliance with PaidRight

Identify gaps in your business records

Understand how your data quality impacts your ability to prove compliance

Bring your payroll data into one central location. Get tailored insights into data quality issues that may be impacting how you pay your employees and your ability to prove compliance. See where there are gaps and outliers in your roster, timesheet and pay record data that you can investigate and fix.

Improve the quality of your payroll data

Bring your interpretation to life

Understand how your interpretation of the award impacts compliance

Go to the next level of detail in defining how you pay your employees. PaidRight’s award interpretation tool lets you digitise and store your interpretation so you can check your compliance based on how your business is actually run.

Customisable at anytime

Access to PaidRight's default interpretations

Not totally confident in your own interpretation or want to compare your own interpretation to a different one? Gain access to PaidRight’s full library of default interpretations for all covered awards

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