Be confident that you are paying your employees correctly

An independent assessment of your payroll compliance position that provides actionable insights into 100% of your workforce.
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Health Check

Get a fast and detailed insight into your current compliance position with our fixed price Health Check.
A Health Check includes a review of your latest three months of payroll data, for 500 employees on a single agreement.
A Health Check can be completed in 4 weeks and will cost $15,000.
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Gain visibility into your compliance position
• A fast and easy way to understand your overall compliance position
• Understand your current compliance score
• Delve into the root cause of employee pay variance
• Insights into the health of your business records
Reports built for insight

Ongoing Payslip Check

Build confidence and security with regular, ongoing checks of your payroll compliance.

Payslip Checks are quarterly reviews of 100% of your workforce. This includes reviewing every employee on every legal agreement to achieve complete visibility into your payroll compliance.
Build confidence in your systems and processes
• Continuous visibility into your compliance
• Improve your pay compliance confidence overtime
• Gain actionable insights to improve your systems and processes
• Build stakeholder confidence including the board, investors, employees and Fair Work
Reports built for insight

Working with Australian Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements

General Retail Industry Award
Fast Food Award
Hospitality Industry General Award
Clerks Award
Poultry Processing Award
Aged Care Award
Building & Construction General Award
Manufacturing Award
Higher Education Industry Award
Health Care Award
Broadcasting Award
Built for speed, accuracy and 100% of your workforce

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Know your payroll compliance
Gain business-wide peace of mind through detailed compliance insights from PaidRight’s unique technology platform.