Our solution

PaidRight ensures

people are

paid correctly.

PaidRight ensures people are paid correctly.

Paidright has been built to analyse the complex remediation tasks and to remain as a SaaS solution provider. PaidRight enables its users to process every quarter of payroll (or as frequently as you like) to get your payroll correct and immediately identify any new errors.

The ongoing pay-check is the only way to be confident of full compliance.





Loaded with tech

The PaidRight platform benefits from several years of development and focus on Australian regulation with a dedicated focus on making it easy for companies to interpret the awards and employee contracts and convert them into code to assess very large payroll and time and attendance data sets.

  • Designed for the Australian modern award interpretation
  • Ability to process entire employee base
  • Over 7 years of technology development in CSIRO
  • 100’s of pre-built analytic views
  • Customisable and extendable with your own non pay data

System Dash Example

Full view of your payroll actuals

Time series data

Time series data to highlight shift periods issues.

Employee data

Every employee is captured and can be drilled into to identify over and under-payment right down to the incident, for every shift.

Impact of payments

Immediate view of the total over under payment or overpayment and how many employees are impacted.


A full range of filters from role, geography, site location, age, gender and more, to dive into areas of concern and engage business leaders.

Our system No. 1

Solid Design For Business

The PaidRight outputs are designed to highlight the route cause and allow payroll professionals to get straight to the source. With over 100 out of the box visuals PaidRight puts the answers in your hands and makes sense for your industry. The outputs are designed for business leaders to take action.

Our system No. 2

Customised to your specific needs

The PaidRight outputs can be extended with other data sets to develop new business insights. For example: “Customers can add product SKU’s or Job Tasks to assess productivity and re-design shifts for better outcomes and profitability”. The outputs can be provided in familiar analytic tools to enable your inhouse talent.

“PaidRight provides peace of mind for all businesses”

Who needs PaidRight?

PaidRight system services some of Australia’s biggest employers in the retail and services industries. Our platform can operate from 100 – 100,000+ employees, providing 98.7% accuracy by analysing every employee shift against every line of every contract, legal agreement, and piece of legislation.

  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Medical