One time payroll review

Not ready for ongoing reviews yet? Buy a low risk, low investment but high value one time payroll review and get your results in minutes


Business Records Insights

Identify outliers and assess your data quality score with 13 data analyses.

Payroll Compliance Software

Review every shift from every payslip to identify where you may be at risk of underpayments

Award Interpretation Tool

Gain access to PaidRights default interpretation library in your One time review

Access to PaidRight’s default interpretation

Select one award and a cohort of employees to review

You will gain access to PaidRight's default interpretation of the relevant award in your One time review. Any difference in how you interpret the award can be implemented when you sign up for ongoing reviews.

Get a detailed payroll review faster than ever before

Upload your payroll data

Get a Data Quality Score and insights in minutes

Bring your payroll data into one central location. Get tailored insights into data quality issues that may be impacting how you pay your employees and also your ability to prove compliance. See where there are gaps and outliers in your roster, timesheet and pay record data that you can investigate and fix.

How do your record keeping impact compliance?

Get a complete compliance picture

Value in minutes so you can determine the value of PaidRight

The PaidRight calculated score allows you to see the breadth and depth of your compliance, highlighting your greatest areas of risk in not being able to prove compliance. Map which employees are at risk of underpayment or overpayment and investigate what is causing this.

Get your One time review and see what all the fuss is about

Releasing new awards every month


Insights into all of your stores and brands in just minutes

Storage Services

Get coverage over all of your employees, not just a sample of them


Improve your data collection across all of your venues

Prove your compliance

Some of the country’s best known companies already trust PaidRight to prove their compliance. Save time and money with PaidRight.