Navigating rate changes for payroll accuracy and compliance in 30 minutes
Friday, 29th September, 11am
Chief Executive Officer
Legal Interpretation Manager


In this webinar learn about how rates are applied and look at different classifications, levels, age and tenure. How to calculate changes in rates and work around these challenges to ensure timesheet and roster optimisation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights into rate contributions - base rates, overtime, penalties, leave loading that will contribute to an employee's total compensation
  • Blended rates complexities - how to calculate them and should you set is as per FW recommendations
  • Accuracy and compliance - how do you know if you're getting it right, how to tackle changes in employment including changes to age, tenure and leave entitlements


Duncan Stone
Chief Executive Officer
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Nicole Monteiro
Legal Interpretation Manager
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Chief Executive Officer - PaidRight
Duncan has a Masters in Business Decision Sciences and is a former Director of Innovation & Disruption and Economics & Policy Practices at PwC. At PwC Duncan built the joint venture between CSIRO Data 61 and PwC and has been CEO of PaidRight since it was established as an independent company in 2020.
Legal Interpretation Manager - PaidRight
Nicole previously worked in state government with extensive experience in analysing, interpreting, applying legislation and translating it into maths. She has reviewed and translated over 50 Awards and EAs at PaidRight, removing ambiguities and simplifying the complexities that surround interpretation for our pay modelling team.


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