Frequently Asked Questions

How long until we see our results? 

If a default interpretation is used, you can have final results in under 15 minutes. If you use your own interpretation we like to review those over 5 business days and you will have your result in under a week.

What does the onboarding process look like? 

Once you have signed up, you will receive an invite email into the product. From there one of our data experts will organise a time to help extract your data and upload it. If you are using your own interpretation we will spend some time with you to customise it. There is no onboarding fee. 

Who needs to be involved? 

We usually find your IT manager, payroll manager and potentially an industrial relations expert are best placed to be involved. We only require team members that can extract data from your T&A and payroll systems, map pay, time, position codes to the data specification and information on interpretation configuration.  

How much time do we need to allocate to use PaidRight? 

During your first review;
- 1 hour for onboarding to the product, data upload and interpretation
- 1 hour call to run through results

During ongoing reviews;
- 1 hour call to run through results 

What do we do after we get the results? 

After getting your results you can identify where your biggest risk areas are, and put into place a strategy to improve them. This may include; better data collection methods, different rostering principles, or even a different interpretation. You can then review how those changes have impacted your overall compliance. 

How do you extract our data? 

You extract the data yourself from your own systems with assistance from a PaidRight data expert. You will then upload them to the product in a specific format. 

What data do you need from us? 

When uploading data in the PaidRight product we need separate csv files in a specific format for: rosters, timesheets, pay records and masterfile (employee information). Additional information we may need includes public holiday mapping, allowances, special arrangements (if any). 

What if I can’t get the data into the correct format? Can you help? 

We have a dedicated support team that will walk you through step by step how to extract data and help you understand why we request the data to be in a certain format. 

How do you handle data security? 

The data we accept is only the data we need to recalculate payments. We do not need bank accounts or names. We follow strict data security standards and are internally certified under ISO27001 information and security management. 

Do we use our own interpretation? 

For the One time review, a default PaidRight interpretation will be used. For ongoing reviews you are able to use a default interpretation or build your own customised interpretation within the product that aligns with your business. 

What type of information or reporting is provided? 

Business records insights - A summary of the data that you uploaded into the product, a data quality score based on the accuracy, validity and completeness of your data and downloadable, actionable insights on how to improve your data quality.

Employee pay compliance - A compliance score with drill down capabilities to see each employee’s risk of under or overpayment. Insight into what causes the risk of variance including clauses that have been triggered.

Award interpretation - You are provided with a digital copy of your interpretation of the applicable award(s). This is stored within the product which you can view and change over time.

How do you calculate the compliance score? 

Our compliance score is the weighted average of % of employees compliant and % of total negative variance. Let’s break this down further:

1. The % of employees compliant: this figure is calculated by taking the number of employees with negative variance (i.e. underpaid) divided by the total number of unique employees found in your data.

2. The % of total negative variance: this figure is calculated by taking the sum of absolute negative variances divided by the total actual payments found in your data.

How many people can access the PaidRight product?

There is no limit to the number of users that can be invited into the PaidRight product. The organisation owner within an organisation can send invitations to any other members with the same email domain. 

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