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Transforming how this Healthcare company does payroll checks

Industry: %%Healthcare%%

Employees: %%6,000%%

Agreements: %%Nurses Award, Health Professionals and Support Services Award %%


The T&A and payroll systems have been upgraded, yet persist with data gaps and inaccuracies, complicating updates for award interpretations or mandating default adoption of payroll system interpretations.


There is a risk of underpayments due to poor timesheet data and manual workarounds, as well as the application of default award interpretation configurations that don’t completely align with how the business operates. 


An independent compliance platform reviews data from multiple systems and alerts the payroll team to missing or inaccurate data, while a self-service award builder simplifies award updates and interpretation decisions. 


They have achieved a fast return on investment by eliminating excessive overpayments in pay runs and reducing the need for costly regular audits, streamlining payroll processes, and ensuring financial accuracy.

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