Improve the quality of your data

The quality of your rosters, timesheets and pay records have an impact on the risk of under or overpayment. Improving the quality of your data across all your systems will help you prove your compliance.

Why you need to improve your payroll data

Data quality impacts your ability to prove compliance

Having inaccurate or incomplete data can make it difficult to prove you are paying your employees correctly.

Flagging errors early can prevent systematic issues

Identifying where there may be errors or gaps in your data before they become an issue can prevent variance in pay.

Payroll systems and people will never be perfect

Errors are always going to happen, issues arise when those errors go noticed for a long period of time.

Better quality payroll data

Everyone claims it's fast and easy to get transfer and transform payroll data, I was so impressed that PaidRight gave me a result within 4 hours
- Head of Risk

All your questions answered

How do you get the data?

You can upload your data as standard CSV format reports from your systems. We have a dedicated support team that will walk you through step by step how to extract data from your systems and upload it into the PaidRight product if you need assistance.

Does this work with my systems?

Yes, because no payroll system configuration is identical we have built the product to deal with all time and attendance and payroll systems, simply upload standard reports and we will do the rest.

We apply the highest industry standards when it comes to data protection and security
Navigating rate changes for payroll accuracy and compliance in 30 minutes
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