Business Records Insights

Data quality issues may impact your ability to prove compliance. Get unique, tailored suggestions from PaidRight to improve the quality of the payroll data you are collecting


Tailored insights to improve your data quality

Prove your compliance and improve your payroll confidence

Improve your data quality to improve compliance. Receive unique data quality suggestions to improve your data quality score and record keeping. Use these suggestions to investigate why you are not collecting all the necessary data to prove compliance.

Have a plan moving forward

Understand how your data quality impacts compliance

Prove your compliance and improve your payroll confidence

Analysing the quality of the data provided to generate a ‘Data Quality Score’. We think of data quality in terms of whether the business records provided have missing and or invalid values, whether they are plausible (accurate).

Improve how you collect data

Download and share your insights

Dive further into your data insights

Need to investigate further? Download and share specific insights with employees to solve issues. This will provide you with great clarity in how errors in record keeping may impact your compliance score and accuracy of pay.

Don’t let data quality stop you from proving you are compliant

Prove your compliance

Some of the country’s best known companies already trust PaidRight to prove their compliance. Save time and money with PaidRight.